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      Dandong Zhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd., committed to the development and sales on non-destructive testing equipment.
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      DTS-IIA smart magnetic particle inspection (MPI) yokes can generate rotating magnetic field by providing with rechargeable power supply. The unit comes with a special equipment bag, which can also store accessories such as magnetic supplies, power supply along with the yoke. The yoke has a robust design, and is equipped with bright LED lighting device. To suit different needs, you can choose either normal white light source or UV light source, to carry out general MPI and fluorescent MPI works.

      Battery powered and rotating magnetic field can be generated without the need of AC power supply.
      Battery component is equipped with overcharge, over-current, over discharge, over-temperature protection features.
      The system can automatic power off when the lift test power is insufficient to protect the equipment.
      The probe uses 365nm UV light source.
      Computer controlled safety features including no-load detection, over loading protection, soft start-up function.
      Comes with straps and special equipment bag.

      Technical Specifications:

      SensitivityClean    display of the 15% mark on the Type A standard testing stripe; In compliance    with NB/T47013-2015 requirements
      Yoke Poles Distance110*110mm,    ≤0.5mm between the pole and testing surface
      Yoke Weight≤3.5kg
      Power Supply Weight≤1.7kg
      Power Supply Dimensions58×96×210mm
      Battery Life7-8H
      Lift Power≥18kg (177N),    Lift Power: Meets NB/T47013-2015 Requirements