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      Dandong Zhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd., committed to the development and sales on non-destructive testing equipment.
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      Portable High-frequency X-ray Unit (Constant Voltage) uses the cutting-edge high-frequency power switch technology, with strong penetration capability, crystal clear image, Continuous work ability and other features, compares to traditional standard frequency products this can improve efficiency by up to 30%. The product is small, lightweight, and especially suitable for on-site detection.

      Technical Specifications:

      Tube Voltage50-300kV;    1.0kV/step
      Tube Current0.5-3.0mA;    0.1mA/step
      Max. Rated Power900W
      Focus Spot SizeIEC336:    1.5*1.5mm; EN12543: 3.0*3.0mm
      Beam Angle40°×55°
      CoolingAir    Cooling
      Max. PenetrationFe    65mm
      Generator Dimensions775×295    mm
      Generator Weight33.0    kg
      Controller Dimensions465*154*323    mm
      Controller Weight11.3    kg